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Growing up, my family didn’t have much.  We lived in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment where my brother and I shared a room.  Our car was old and beat up. Our clothing consisted of donated items from the church or second hand pieces from Goodwill and we only had a couple toys between the two of us to play with. Though we had very little, we appreciated what we did have – a roof over our heads, hot water to cook our meals, reliable energy to power our home, and a house full of love.

When I look at my girls, I am so blessed we’re able to provide them with these basic necessities that are considered a luxury in over 1.5 billion families in developing countries.  Can you imagine not having access to safe, reliable, and affordable sources of energy to take a shower, watch TV, study for your exam, or work at your job when the sun goes down?  This is the reality for so many families across the world.

I am constantly teaching them to be appreciative of what they have because there are so many who aren’t as lucky and when possible, lend a helping hand.  I think it’s also my role as a good parent to educate them about ways they can give back to the community especially to the less fortunate.  Matea may be too young to fully grasp this concept, but when I talked to Marli about it, she was pretty excited there was a way our family could make a difference.

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This is the face of one happy and excited girl who just got her hands on Direct Energy’s Luci Light and it is the light that keeps on giving.  Direct Energy recently partnered with MPOWERD to bring their solar Luci light to the developing world through Direct Energy’s Give Brighter 12 Plan.  MPOWERD will send one of these Luci Lights to a developing part of the world + give you one when you sign up for their competitively priced 12-month-fixed rate electricity plan.  Not only are you getting an amazing deal, but you’ll be making a HUGE impact for those in need of electricity as well. Through Direct Energy’s efforts to date – over 10,000 lights have been distributed to those that need it most.

The Luci Light is so neat and efficient. Using only solar power, this inflatable light can brighten a room for up to 12 hours after charging in the sun. The power button has 4 settings, one of which is an emergency signal. Not only is it lightweight and waterproof, but it is so durable that you could essentially take it anywhere with you – to the park, for camping trips, or just leave it in your car in case of an emergency.  Marli was so excited that another girl (or boy) in a developing country would be getting one of these awesome Luci Lights for their home just like her!

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By participating in this wonderful program, you are giving families more opportunities to earn money for their families, study after the sun sets, give aide to the sick and injured, and so much more.  This isn’t just a light.  It’s hope for a better tomorrow.  To find out more about this wonderful initiative, visit Direct Energy’s Give Brighter 12 Plan below to learn more.  A special thanks to Direct Energy for partnering up with me for this wonderful campaign.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Direct Energy. The opinions and text are all mine.

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